What to Eat After Whitening Your Teeth | West Palm Beach Dentist

Following any typical teeth whitening procedure, you will have one shiny new smile. But now that it’s good as new, don’t go jumping back into your typical habits. After all, it is those bad habits that turned your teeth that dingy shade of white in the first place. Right now, you are back at square one. But your teeth are in a very vulnerable state so it is advised that you watch what you eat since many types of food and drink can stain your teeth. Consumption of products such as tobacco, soy sauce, soft drinks and wine will eventually stain teeth, thus consumption should be limited or avoided if white teeth are desired.

When it comes to tooth sensitivity, it is natural to think that it is the fault of the chemicals involved in the whitening that cause the sensitivity. Steering clear of acidic foods, like citrus or tomato, will help prevent the pain from happening. Same thing goes for things that are too hot or too cold.

While it will be difficult to stay away from continuing to stain your teeth as life rolls on, staining your teeth is almost unpreventable. However, there are certain foods and drinks that can actually help you maintain white teeth. For example, firm fruits such as apples, green beans, cauliflower, carrots and celery will scrub your teeth while you chew, as well as promote the flow of saliva which protects teeth. Dairy products high in calcium will not only help keep teeth white but the lactic acid in those products will also help prevent tooth decay.

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