What are Metal-Free Fillings?

Metal-free fillings, also known as composite fillings, are a popular choice in modern dentistry. They offer a safe, effective, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal fillings. At Advanced Dental Group, we are proud to offer metal-free fillings to our patients in West Palm Beach, FL.

Why Choose Metal-Free Fillings?

Metal-free fillings offer numerous benefits. They blend seamlessly with your natural tooth color, ensuring a more natural and appealing smile. They are also free from mercury, a component found in traditional metal fillings that some patients may be allergic to. Furthermore, metal-free fillings bond better with your teeth, reducing tooth sensitivity and providing a tighter tooth bond.

Are Metal-Free Fillings Safe?

Absolutely. Metal-free fillings are safe and recommended for patients of all ages. They are especially beneficial for pregnant or nursing women, young children, and people with compromised immune systems who need dental fillings. They do not expose patients to mercury, unlike silver amalgam fillings.

How Long Do Metal-Free Fillings Last?

The lifespan of metal-free fillings can vary, but they are known for their durability. Composite fillings, a type of metal-free filling, can last up to a decade. Ceramic fillings, another non-metal option, are even more durable and can last even longer.

Are Metal-Free Fillings Eco-Friendly?

Yes, metal-free fillings are an eco-friendlier alternative to traditional metal fillings. They do not require special disposal methods and do not pollute the environment when disposed of.

How Can I Get Metal-Free Fillings in West Palm Beach, FL?

If you're interested in metal-free fillings, contact Advanced Dental Group today. Dr. Fraser and Dr. Marx are experienced in providing this service and are ready to help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. Call us at (561) 689-0872 to schedule an appointment.