Advanced Dental Group: Offering OraVerse in West Palm Beach

At Advanced Dental Group, we understand the discomfort that comes with lingering numbness after dental procedures. That's why we're proud to offer OraVerse, a breakthrough product that effectively helps patients taper off anesthesia more quickly.

What is OraVerse?

OraVerse, or Phentolamine Mesylate, is the first and only product available to rapidly reverse the effects of anesthesia after dental procedures. It's a scientifically proven solution that not only numbs the nerves in your gums but also your lip and even the entire jaw.

How Does OraVerse Benefit Patients?

OraVerse offers a range of benefits to patients. It allows you to regain normal sensation twice as fast as those who had not been given OraVerse. This means no more swollen, bitten lips or cheeks, and you’ll be able to talk, drink, and laugh without the potentially embarrassing side effects from lingering numbness.

Where Can I Get OraVerse?

We offer OraVerse in West Palm Beach at Advanced Dental Group to expedite your return to normal activities. Our team, led by Dr. Fraser and Dr. Marx, is committed to providing personalized care to all our patients. Contact us today to learn more about it and book your appointment by calling (561) 689-0872.

How Does OraVerse Work?

Local anesthetics, like lidocaine, are used to numb specific locations in the mouth where dental treatment is performed. Many patients dislike the numbness that lingers for hours after they have been given local anesthesia. OraVerse provides an option for reversing the effect of anesthesia, so you can quickly return to your normal activities.

Is OraVerse Right For Me?

Like all types of sedation and dental procedures, every patient is unique and the needs and preferences of the individual should be carefully considered when making decisions about patient care. Our dentists carefully examine all patients and provide personalized care. We will evaluate your needs and determine the best method for sedation and recovery from anesthesia for your situation.