West Palm Beach Dentist | Ready for that Bright Smile?

We all long to have that bright smile that lights up a room, teeth whitening may help you achieve that new confidence. There are various ways to go about getting that brighter smile, the two most common ways are in-office teeth whitening and home whitening systems.

Professional in-office teeth whitening is one of the more preferred methods due to the fact you can leave with a whiter smile within an hour. In office whitening is carefully monitored allowing for a safe, controlled and pain free use of a high concentrate bleaching gel. Your dentist will prepare your mouth by covering your gums and lips so only your teeth are exposed, then will apply the whitening gel and expose your teeth to a special type of light to help the gel whiten your teeth. This cosmetic dentistry process is one of the quickest and one of the safest ways to abstain the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Another option is using an over the counter whitening system or by having custom trays made to fit your teeth with precision. Using custom trays made by your dentist are a very effective way to go. The custom designed trays are made to fit properly so there is less gum irritation and the whitening agent is spread more evenly, allowing for the gel to whiten more of your teeth.

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