Laser Dentistry | West Palm Beach, Florida

Lasers are helping to bring modern dentistry into the 21st century. Treatment of dental decay with Erbium lasers is predictable and painless in most cases for children and adults alike. Tooth preparations are ultra-conservative and in most instances the high speed

dental drill can be eliminated. The laser uses a beam of light energy to remove cavities or gum tissue with only a quiet popping sound and a gentle stream of water. Utilizing this technique, cavities are literally “washed away” with laser energized water.

Want a DELightful experience at the dentist?

The DELight Dental Laser System is a beam of pulsed light that gently removes decay without the need for the drill. Ask about DELight, the patient-friendly alternative to the drill, for your next visit.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Clinical studies showed that 97% of children and adult patients did not require anesthesia. No time is lost waiting for Novocain to take effect or wear off. Your dentist can work on various quadrants of your mouth in one sitting.

Is the procedure safe?

The DELight is very safe – in fact, it is as safe or safer than a drill. Your dentist will provide a special pair of glasses to protect your eyes. Just as you don’t look directly at the sun, you should avoid looking directly at the laser beam.

How does the DELight work?

The DELight works by emitting a precise, specialized beam of light that gently targets and destroys tooth decay. Decay is softer and has a higher water content than healthy tooth structure. The laser is designed to target the decay with higher water content and leave the healthy part of the tooth.

Diagnodent – Cavity Laser Detection

A reliable, highly effective, non-invasive laser fluorescent device to detect cavities at their earliest stages, and conserve healing tooth structure.

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