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West Palm Beach Dental Digital X-Rays

Precise Diagnosis for Better Treatment

Accurate diagnosis is essential for early intervention and effective treatment. At Advanced Dental Group we are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to diagnose and treat a range of problems in general and cosmetic dentistry. We offer digital x-rays in West Palm Beach to precisely identify dental problems and plan the most appropriate treatment option for the individual patient.

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Benefits of Digital Radiographs

Dental x-rays have been used for generations to assess the health of the teeth and identify decay and other problems that are not easily seen. Advances in x-ray technology, including the development of digital x-rays, provide an accurate tool for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Digital x-rays offer benefits that include:

  • Faster Process – The picture is developed instantly with digital radiography, so you won’t have to wait for the film to be developed. The image is projected onto a computer screen for your dentist to review with you.
  • Less Radiation – Digital x-rays produce up to 90 percent less radiation than conventional x-rays, so the patient is exposed to less radiation.
  • Higher Quality Images – The higher image resolution offered by digital radiography increased diagnostic capabilities. More accurate diagnosis.
  • Convenience – We can provide a copy of your digital x-rays on CD or send them by email.

Digital radiography is painless and the entire process takes just a few minutes. A sensor is placed in the mouth and used to capture images of the teeth. The electronic sensor is connected to a computer, so the pictures are available instantly, making the whole process take only a few minutes.

Making Informed Cosmetic Treatment Decisions

The use of technology, such as digital x-rays in West Palm Beach, allows dentists and patients to make treatment decisions. The information provided by the comprehensive exam and digital x-rays allow your dentist to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

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