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Crowns & Bridges in West Palm Beach

Strengthening & Improving the Function of Your Teeth

At Advanced Dental Group, we understand that making the decision to enhance the function and appearance of your teeth is an important one. We provide crowns and bridge treatments in West Palm Beach with careful attention to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you need to cover a damaged tooth or replace missing teeth, you will receive the care and attention you deserve.

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Dental Crowns

Crowns are used for aesthetic and restorative purposes. West Palm Beach dentists may recommend dental crowns for teeth that are badly decayed, fractured, or damaged. If a crown is needed, it will be custom made to the right size, shape, and color to blend naturally with your existing teeth. The dentist will thoroughly clean out the affected tooth and seal the crown to prevent infection.

Dental crowns can be used to:

  • Support a tooth that is cracked or broken
  • Restore a badly decayed tooth
  • Cover a dental implant to replace a missing tooth
  • Anchor dental bridges
  • Strengthen a tooth after root canal
  • Cover a worn or misshapen tooth

Dental crowns may either be all porcelain or porcelain with an underlying metal substructure. This is sometimes needed to ensure strength and stability. Your teeth will be carefully examined to determine the best type of crown to meet your specific needs.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are designed to fill the space where teeth are missing. The bridge is cemented to the natural teeth on either side of the bridge to provide a comfortable and natural looking replacement for missing teeth. At our dental office in West Palm Beach, crowns and bridges are often used together to provide a stable restoration for missing teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth to determine if a metal free porcelain bridge or bridge with a metal substructure is most appropriate for you.

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