Metal Free Fillings

Metal-Free Fillings in West Palm Beach

Advanced Options for Treating Cavities

It’s not uncommon to develop areas of tooth decay that require fillings. In fact, fillings are among the most common dental restorations performed on patients of all ages. At Advanced Dental Group, we offer metal-free fillings in West Palm Beach to repair teeth that are damaged as a result of partial decay or chipped teeth.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Advanced Dental Group, we offer metal-free fillings in West Palm Beach for new fillings and to replace your old metal fillings. Fillings involve removing the area of tooth decay and applying a special material (the “filling”) to protect the tooth and prevent further decay. In the past, metal amalgam fillings were the primary method used in dental fillings. Today, metal-free, tooth-colored fillings allow patients to enjoy a more attractive and natural-looking finished result.

Metal-free fillings offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • No possibility of discoloration
  • Shade-matched with your natural teeth
  • Preserves more of the damaged tooth structure
  • Looks more natural
  • Safer than metal amalgam fillings
  • Better cosmetic result

Options for Natural-Looking Restorations

Our dentists can treat many areas of the mouth with composite resins or tooth-colored, bonded fillings. However, extensive tooth decay or highly damaged teeth may not be suitable for fillings. In this case, we would recommend restorations with a resin material, known as an onlay or inlay. These restorations are custom made in the laboratory and bonded to the teeth to repair and strengthen damaged teeth. Other types of tooth decay that reach the pulp must be treated with a root canal, which is then capped with a porcelain crown color-matched to your surrounding teeth. For all cases of tooth decay, we will take the approach that will restore your teeth the best without adding on any services you don’t actually need.

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