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Laser Dentistry

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For decades, laser technology has been used in dentistry procedures to provide treatments that traditional methods could not. As our name implies, Advanced Dental Group is always ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating new, improved dentistry services and equipment. When you want laser dentistry treatments in West Palm Beach, you know you can turn to our team of professionals to deliver above and beyond your expectations.

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Benefits of Laser Dental Procedures & Treatments

For laser dentistry, highly-calibrated lasers are used as either cutting tools or a powerful yet concise heat source. Our West Palm Beach dentists have the skill, experience, and knowledgeability to use dental lasers with ultimate precision. Ensuring our patient’s satisfaction and safety is the top priority at all times. We are positive you will feel comfortable during your laser dental procedure. In fact, many patients feel far less oral irritation undergoing a laser dentistry treatment than when compared to traditional dentistry methods.

Laser dentistry has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to help treat:

  • Gum disease: Progressive cases of gum disease can cause a patient’s gums to become malformed and highly sensitive to any sort of stimulus, like cold water or hot foods. Using a laser, we can reshape your gums and remove the bacteria causing the disease in one session.
  • Teeth whitening: Many dental patients who undergo teeth whitening procedures appreciate how lasers can expedite the process. When a laser is focused on a peroxide bleaching solution applied to the teeth, it reacts with the solution and effectively lessens the time it takes to get a bright, white shine.
  • Tooth decay: As with gum disease, laser dentistry can be used to target and remove the damaged portions of a tooth suffering from decay. Typically, laser dentistry will remove all decay and prepare the tooth for secondary treatments, like a filling.

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