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West Palm Beach Dental Implants

Secure Replacements for Missing Teeth

Dental implants offer a solution to replace one or more missing teeth and restore your ability to smile, eat, and speak normally. Advanced Dental Group provides numerous dental services in West Palm Beach, including dental implants. Patients with dental implants report greater comfort and increased confidence after having this procedure to replace missing teeth.

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Uses for Dental Implants

If missing teeth, loose dentures, or uncomfortable dentures are destroying your comfort and confidence, dental implants may be the right solution for you. Technological advancements in materials and techniques have improved the success rate of dental implants in West Palm Beach. We have found that many patients have been able to enjoy greater comfort, confidence, and improved oral health.

Dental implants are used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Single Tooth Replacement – When one tooth is missing, an implant-supported crown provides a stronger tooth replacement that looks and feels natural
  • Multiple Tooth Replacement – If multiple teeth are missing, an implant supported bridge offers a secure solution that is comfortable, natural, and won’t cause damage to the surrounding teeth.
  • Complete Lower or Upper Tooth Replacement – When patients are missing all the teeth on the upper or lower jaw, implant supported dentures provide a solution for removable dentures. Implant supported dentures eliminate the slipping and movement, which can cause discomfort and embarrassment.

Advantages of West Palm Beach Beach Dental Implants

Patients choose dental implants for a variety of reasons. Some choose implants because their dentures don’t fit securely or aren’t as comfortable as they once were. Implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth and stabilize loose teeth after treatment for advanced gum disease.

Whether you are replacing one tooth, several teeth, or all the teeth on the upper or lower jaw, dental implants allow you to eat and speak normally, enjoy all your favorite foods, and smile with confidence.

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