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Pediatric Dentistry – West Palm Beach, FL

Posted on: April 5th, 2012 by No Comments

The Doctors at Advanced Dental Group of West Palm Beach, FL recommends starting an oral regimen on children even before teeth appear by wiping a baby’s gums or using a baby toothbrush and water. As toddlers, it is a good time to begin brushing and flossing since teeth are in contact with each other and can begin to develop bacteria as well as plaque. Considering not all children need their teeth flossed at this age, it is a good idea to ask your Dentist at Advanced Dental Group for advice. When children reach age two, foster them to brush their own teeth, but make sure to follow up to make sure they are clean. Using fun games or a themed toothbrush can make children more willing to follow a positive oral hygiene routine.

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