Snap-On Smile – The Affordable way to a Beautiful Smile | West Palm Beach, FL

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A Snap-On Smile is a dental resin form that fits over your own teeth to give you a new beautiful smile. It is thin, undetectable and yet extremely strong.  There is no drilling, shots or pain. Just two visits to your dentist’s office.  And the best part of all, it’s affordable.

With Snap-On Smile you can eat and drink, they act just like natural teeth. It can be something you use temporarily or make it a permanent fixture to your smile. You can get Snap-On Smile for your upper and lower teeth. You will be able to cover, worn, chipped, broken and stained teeth.

How Does it Work?

During your first dental visit you will pick the style and shade. Your dentist will then take an impression of your teeth. You will come back in about 3 weeks for a final fitting and you can wear your Snap-On Smile home!

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