Porcelain Veneers West Palm Beach Florida

New dental technology has made Porcelain Veneers a very popular and sought after treatment. Many times this will enhance your entire smile and make you look much younger with whiter, straighter teeth.

Smile Design incorporates digital computer imaging that allows you to get an approximate preview of your after smile before the actual treatment is done.

Porcelain Laminates, made by the best lab technicians, are an overlay of porcelain that fit over your conservatively prepared existing teeth. These laminates of porcelain are more conservative than crowns and when properly done rebuilds your smile to a more ideal length, position, and whiter shade.

The procedure can be painless and done in two visits after the initial planning is completed. The first visit allows for preparation of your teeth and with new high tech material you leave with beautiful temporary veneers to try out your new smile.

On the second visit the temporaries are removed and the final veneers are bonded securely in place. With proper training and excellent laboratory support, the results and your new smile enhancement are fantastic.

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