Metal Free Fillings West Palm Beach Florida

Most people need a filling at one time or another. It is one of the most common restorations performed on damaged teeth and when a tooth is partially decayed or chipped. A filling is just what it sounds like, it fills in the damaged space in the tooth and prevents further decay or breakdown from advancing.

Tooth colored fillings are now being used versus the old amalgam silver alloy fillings. Most patients prefer the metal-free fillings and are thrilled with the lasting, natural appearance versus the old black style of fillings. Many areas can be conservatively treated with direct composite resins or tooth colored, bonded fillings. If the area of decay or breakdown is too large or severe, then an option of a porcelain or resin type material called an inlay or onlay will be made in the laboratory and bonded in place to make the tooth whole and strong again.

Metal-free fillings restore unhealthy teeth back to health with their own natural-looking appearance.

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